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Step into the future.  Our VR Tours can be viewed using any VR headset. This experience is just a setting away and built into every Matterport VR Tour. Add a Structure Scanner to a Bridge headset and mixed reality with spacial awareness becomes available.  The possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

Panoramas & 3D Tours

Simple stand alone panoramas place you in the center of either interior or exterior spaces and allows you to view every thing that surrounds you.  This is a dynamic environment in which  you are in control. What you see depends on the direction you choose to look.  

 Panoramas can be linked together allowing you to jump from one location to another.  These panoramas sometimes form the basis of a simple tour which can record both the interior and exterior of a home or a public building.  

A series of panoramas can be used to more fully document sites of the national register of historic places and other historic structures., These images could form the basis of an economic solution to more completely recording, archiving and preserving these historic structures.

360 Panoramas

VR & Augmented VR

Our VR Tours are different from most 360 Panoramic Photography or other available “Virtual Tours”.  We begin by joining up to 200 individual panoramas into a single 360 degree environment. This allows us to move smoothly through  rooms walking around furniture and other obstacles giving you a true virtual experience. 

A tour can be paused at any time  allowing the viewer to explore your site at leisure. High definition still images of your location can be extracted from any part of this VR environment and used for print media.


VR Tours