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This is a raw image of the 3D model created with the Mavic Pro Drone and DroneDeploy .Software.  A dynamic 3D model and further explanation of this project is found in the DroneDeploy drop-down sub-menu under this sites 3D & VR Menu.

3D Model Created from Drone Images of the New Pleasant Baptist Church 

Chesnee, SC

Finished View of 3D Model.

Overhead View

 This overlay shows  the flight path for image acquisition of the New Pleasant Baptist Church using  DroneDeploy  software.  We were able to program  590 Shots of the 2 acre New pleasant Church property. Flight altitude was 120 feet.  Flight time was 33:03 minutes and it used  3 batteries to compleat the project

Flight Planning

This shows the results of the image acquisition.  The church sans the steeple  was only about 40 feet , however in order to be 50 feet above the steeple it was shot at 120 feet. This restricted the ability of the drone to see and render the cross, columns and other areas of the building.  Ground based scans and extensive 3D editing will be required to  create an acceptable final model.

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