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images, data, and information to the database thereby expanding its scope and coverage.  The 3D images could be added or imported as they become available. 

A Matterport Service Provider, we already create 3D Virtual Tours of historical structures and our drone allows us to create 3D models of isolated exterior structures.  The monument preservation project is looking for like minded individuals interested in helping it move forward.  It now requires additional manpower, technical assistance, programmers, web support, database management and financial assistance acquiring the 3D scanning equipment necessary to preserve and create museum quality interior and exterior 3D artifacts and monuments.  Our mission is to assist local museums and historical societies in the digital preservation of our history, its historical monuments, artifacts, and buildings. 

The COVID-19 Crisis necessitates that Local history museums and other organizations expand access to their sites.  The creation of digital 3D models of objects in their collections and virtual tours of sites is a possible solution to that challenge. .  During the past two years I have been developing 3D digital techniques for scanning and photogrammetry techniques used in the acquisition of historic artifacts, objects, and buildings.  These 3D virtual artifacts can be used to enhance the curation, analysis, and interpretation of archaeological objects, at the same time safely extending both professional and public access to our historic artifacts.  3D color models can be digitally transferred between professionals, viewed online, or create files suitable for 3D printing.

Our heritage is linked to the historic artifacts, sites and monuments dedicated to its memory.  This past is endangered as 2020 radical elements and politicians attempt to merge 2020 hindsight and fantasy with historic reality.  Wishes and regrets cannot change history, but anarchists can destroy it and politicians can obscure and hide it from view.  Perhaps the individuals the Monuments memorialize owned slaves or served as soldiers during the Civil War fighting for what they believed, these activities were a small part of their lives.  Those actions should not be used to destroy or minimize the positive contributions of the rest of their lives.  Our history is the guide which helps us avoid repeating the errors of the past.  It is  important that we preserve these artifacts before they are destroyed. If we judge their importance solely based on the racial bias endemic to both sides of the issue.  We miss the lessons of history they represent.  We need balance, understanding and perhaps more monuments rather than less.  People continuously attribute motives to others based on their perceptions without regard to facts and then believe them to be true.  Often this breeds isolation and exclusion, when what as a nation we need inclusion.  The time has come for equal rights which respect the rights of others.

Actively seeking investors or partners to expand our capabilities.  The purchase of  Museum Data Management Software, additional RAM and  3d scanners capable of scanning both indoor and outdoor medium and large 3D objects. This would enable the scanning of local monuments and the creation of a 3D monument database.  Existing 2D images and data could be used to extend the database coverage to larger areas while 3D images are created.  Additional software and hardware would be necessary only to expand coverage on a larger scale after the database becomes successful .

We are interested in your support and comments.  Let us hear from you.

Help us preserve our heritage before it is lost to mob rule and politicians not willing to stand up for Americas past.  I want to eventually create a nonprofit organization dedicated to the 3D digital preservation of historical monuments, artifacts, and structures.   I envision an open database  which stores 2D & 3D images combined with location, historic and biographic information about the individuals the monuments and statuary commemorate.   Individuals who were recognized for a lifetime of activities  may be reviled for a single action or activity.  Information and images of lost or destroyed monuments and historic sites could  be st0red in this database. This would be similar to the find a grave database, where individuals  and  historic organizations  could share information  add

A Proposal

3D Preservation of Monuments and Models