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COVID-19  has changed how Museums, libraries, Historical Societies and Historical Sites interact with their visitors.  Most have been closed down or had their activities restricted by local, state and federal governments.  Now is the time to change the dynamics by adding a 3D wow factor to your WEB site.

Dynamic 360 Panoramas

This 360 Panorama was produced by processing a 48 second video and converting it to  360 degree image.

You can zoom or rotate the image to dynamically experience the site.

3D Images

In Situ 3D images allow you to walk around an object or statue and experience the feeling of actually being there.  Unlike 3D Models which can be separated from and float on a background of choice.  These photogrammic based 3D images are processed, produced and retrieved with Cappasity and 3DSHOT Software from video images

Add 3D Images to your Website

3D Models

Dynamic 3D models of your site can be digitally created, enhancing the visitors experience by bringing another dimension to the website. This example uses SketchFab to allow auto-rotation of the model. 

The longer an individual stays on the site the more likely they are to actually visit the site.

3D Virtual Tours

Our Matterport Virtual Tours allow you to take a prearranged tour or to dynamically choose  how you move around the  room site or building.  Matterport uses a proprietary cloud based 3D imaging system to acquire,  stored], and retrieve 3D Virtual Tours.

Fort Watauga,  Sycamore Shoals, Elizabethton, Tenn.

Let us help you add wow to your visitors website experience. We are professional photographers, computer graphic artists and genealogists, interested in the digital preservation of historic artifacts and buildings.  Virtually There Art & Photography produces 3D objects, 3D models, 3D images, 3D virtual tours, virtual museums and designs custom websites for historical societies and museums. We employ, 3D scanners and photogrammetry techniques to create these 3D images of individual objects, buildings or entire collections of historic artifacts.

Tell us how we can assist you expand access, increase the visibility and availability of your objects, artifacts, and buildings to your potential visitors.