A Taste of the future. Now 3D tours can be created using a  combination of the Matterport cameras and the Leica  BLK 360 scanner This will allow us to combine the 3D scans of both the interiors and exteriors buildings into a single 3D world or environment.  The viewer can then move seamlessly from the exterior of the site to the interior of the buildings.  Similarly a plantation can be viewed not just as the interior of a single building but the total site including the interiors & exteriors of the out buildings will be combined with the main buildings producing a  unified VR Tour.

NB: We are exploring ways to merge  external spaces with our Matterport VR Tours.  Most involve merging 3D scanners with photogrammetry and CAD software.  One comprehensive solution, Matterport is working with Leica to solve this challenge, Th.is page demonstrates examples of this merger by other Matterport providers. Since it involves an extensive investment, We are soliciting feedback from clients and potential clients before we proceed.  Please Email your comments and suggestions below.

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3D Tours of

Multi Building Complexes

Examples: Matterport/Leica BLK 360 Scanner

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