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3D Model of The Rock House

The John Martin House is a two-story stone ruin situated on the crest of a ridge overlooking Sauratown Mountain Range.  The south elevation, which faces the mountain,is presumably the main facade, for the porch is centered on this facade, and it is logical that the house would face this breathtaking vista.

The ruin is the remains of the late eighteenth century residence of John Martin, it has been a ruin since the late nineteenth century. John Martin's grave is located at the bottom of the hill below the house, 

John "Jack" Martin served the most part of the Revolutionary  War. He was in several skirmishes or battles. One was on the Chesnut Ridges in Surry County, another at a place called Colesons fields or mills on Rocky River, and one on the Alamance River, and one towards Kings Mountain when he said he got wounded by the Tories. He was commanded by Maj. Winston of then Surrey County, Col. Jo Williams, Capt. James Cloud, Col. Cleveland, Col Sheperd, and Capt. Minor Smith, all of Surry County. John Martin served most of the time as a lieutenant.

Col. John Martin Rock House