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Other Benefits of a Comprehensive VR Tour


    How will GSV benefit your business?
If you are a location based business, you know that where your business is actually located, is the most important factor influencing your potential customers.Location isn’t easily movable, you cannot bring business to your customer, but you can use GSV so your potential customers can see inside your business , without them even leaving their home/office/auto. 
People are busy, consumers do not want to drive around in the hope that they will find what they’re looking for. They research online before they decide which businesses to visit.  With GSV you 


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A tour can be paused at any time  High definition still images of your location can be extracted from any part of this environment and used for print media. The tour can become a viable part of your website, marketing and training.  The Hot spots link to other sites allowing up to 5 additional 2D & 3D  images to be incorporated in your tour. 

What is Google Street View

With Google maps you see the street as if you were standing on it and move as if you were walking or driving down the street, without ever having to leave the comfort of your own desk/sofa or auto.  GSV uses the same technology so that your potential customers can “virtually” walk through your door, see your displays, products, and whatever aspects of your business you want people to view.  72% of individuals use the internet to locate businesses and services. People who have viewed a VR Tour are twice as likely to visit your establishment  in person.


For information on how to create a GSV link to your business contact us.

increase the number of people coming into your store who already know that your business has what they’re looking for.  They see your business as if they had been there in person. Having Google Street View improves how Google ranks your website, which means that if you have Street View embedded on your website, your website is likely to be shown higher in Google search results.
Listings with photos and virtual tours are twice as likely to generate interest from potential customers