VR Tours of Museums & Historic Buildings


 Virtually There Art & Photography  is a Graphics Production enterprise, which specializes in digitally archiving and preserving historical documents, artifacts & structures. The resulting digital files can be used to preserve fragile documents for research or to create virtual 2D & 3D copies  or reproductions of these artifacts. Our software is capable of seamlessly combining multiple 360 panoramas of rooms and buildings into a single 3d environment trough which one can move at will about the rooms and furniture.  The resulting VR Tours can be combined with exterior 3D Models of the historic structures and sites to fully preserve the experience.


 Virtual Tours combined with 360 scanning and photogrammetry  helps  preserve historic properties and allow the foundations and other organizations to visually share these scarce resources.  As a byproduct of a  Matterport Tour we  create 99% accurate CAD files, floor plans and obj files for use in Restoration projects

Historic Preservation Services

We employ a variety of digital cameras and scanners in order to best digitally copy your 2 & 3D objects and documents.  No subject is too large or too small we will use the appropriate equipment for your project.  Our equipment includes hi-res digital cameras, document scanners, overhead scanners, film scanners, 3D scanners and professional video equipment. 
We have been involved in digital preservation projects including: ten  thousand acquisition documents for the US Army Corps of Engineers, six thousand engineering drawings, original blueprints and aerials for the Sewer Department of the city of Lakeland, FL.
Our film and digital copy work includes artwork for print and publication.  We photographed for magazine ads oriental rugs including a 13’ x 20’ silk rug (shot  the 4x5 transparency with fixed lights from the top of a 30’ lift at a convention center rented for the project)


​    3D Objects and Artifacts

We can scan or use photogrammetry techniques to digitize 3d objects.  The resulting 3D objects can be incorporated in your VR Tour or website.  With additional editing these scanned objects can be the basis for 3D printing of artifacts. Or  collectively form the basis for a 3D museum.


Digital Archiving, Copying & Scanning Services


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