Covid-19 & You

The Covid-19 Virus has created a unique challenge to the ways museums and historical societies can expand visitor visibility and participation.   This need will not go away as we open the facilities, since social distancing and other restrictions will probably continue to restrict physical visitation into the fall and beyond. 

While the corona virus constrains visitation now would be an appropriate time to upgrade your website to include 3D Images and 3D virtual tours to your sites.

3D Images

3D Images add wow to your internet presentations.  The longer your potential visitor stays on your site the more likely they are to visit your facility.  70% of visitors have viewed the site on the internet  prior to visiting the site.  Photogrammetry can be used to build 3D images rather than  3D models. This is a more economic method of creating dynamic images for the internet, greatly reducing the production costs to the organizations.  The resulting "in situ" images give context to the exhibit by showing it place. 

These images can now be added to an existing  PastPerfect database. The La Crosse County Historical Society now uses Pastperfect to display 3d images on their website.

Our Matterport Virtual tours allow the visitor to roam the site at will or to take a guided tour of the facility.  A 4K image can be created at any point and a publishable image generated. An additional value of a Matterport Tour is the ability to output the scans as  as-built CAD drawings. 

The addition of 3D images and a virtual 3D Tours can bring wow to your website at the same time expanding the availability of your resources to the public and professionals. A significant portion of your artifacts and objects can be ecoomically preserved and shared in this manner.  The concept of a virtual museum is now an achievable possibility.

By using 3D images to produce dynamic digital images the cost to the museums can be reduced.   As 3D digital consultants, we will work with your organization to build a 3D database of your holdings, add spice to your website  or customize a 3D solution which  enhances your web presence. 

Let us help you enhance your web presence with 3D Images and 3D Tours. A typical 3D Tour and 10 3D images of  small or medium sized objects can be produced for less than $500.00.

Let us know how we can assist you.

3D Models of Artifacts & Small Objects

3D virtual artifact collections can be used to enhance the curation, analysis, and interpretation of archaeological objects, at the same time safely extending professional and public access to these historic artifacts. 3D Scanning and photogrammetry is used extensively by archeologists to store and preserve artifacts.

3D Models of Historic Sites

3D Models of Historic Sites, Structures, Monuments and Statues are possible when there is enough clear space for a drone or camera to circumnavigate the site. 

Partial 3D images can be produced on the ground but have less impact.  Individual 360 Panoramic images also bring impact and clarity to sites. 

3D Imaging for Museums, Historical Sites & Societies

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