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In the post COVID-19 period social distancing demands that we find creative ways to expand access and availability to our sites and collections.  3D scanning and photogrammetry, are dynamic solutions to this challenge.  3D scanning is appropriate as long as the object is not shiny, transparent, smooth or without texture.  The photogrammetry process stitches together multiple photographic images and uses software to align and stitch the resulting images into a single 3D object.  A 3d scanner may cost between $5,000 & $100,000.00 or more, but it results in a single 3d digital file.  Photogrammetry uses inexpensive equipment including drones. However, it takes both accusation time, photographing hundreds of images, and processing time on fast computers with extensive RAM.  Even then a successful result is not guaranteed.  Rescanning and reprocessing are often required to create a successful 3D object.  While the photogrammetry method tends to cost much more per object created.  It is capable of reproducing objects that otherwise could not be scanned.  The 3D digital reproduction of entire collections will require the use of a combination of both systems

At Virtually There Art and Photography we have the photogrammetry capabilities to produce the transparent, shiny, smooth and texture-less images which are difficult to reproduce with a 3D color scanner.  I am working to put together a package where a group of local museums or historical societies can rent or lease the scanning capability, one week a month allowing multiple organizations to share scanning equipment costs and use staff to build the database.

The PastPerfect Museum Database is the standard database used museums and historical societies to track and inventory their collections. These databases can now be used to form the basis of digital presentations and websites. Using their PastPerfect Database, The La Crosse County Historical Society has incorporated 3d photogrammetry images from the Archeology Department of the University of Wisconsin into their database and online website.  PastePerfect  can be used to create a 3D database of monuments which could accept data transferred from other existing databases.   Virtually There Art and Photography is a vendor for Einscan Scanners an affordable 3D scanner capable of color scans in 12' sections which can be joined together to scan statues and monuments both indoors and outdoors. We use the same production software and vendors to produce acceptable internet images as  the University of Wisconsin and Virginia Commonwealth University. 

I want to be able to demonstrate how for a small fee a web presence or virtual museum can be created which includes both 3D Virtual Tours, virtual galleries of collections and links to PastPerfect databases. the package would include up to 25 3D digital models of a variety of  artifacts in the collection. 

We are dedicated to help local museums find acceptable and affordable solutions to 3D challenges.  We will demonstrate, on site, the scanning and production processes involved and let the staff evaluate the results, in real time.  We can digitize your objects and facility creating a dynamic internet presence, propose rental or purchase of a combination of software, equipment and training necessary for you to digitize segments of your collection in house. Our minimum package can be used to demonstrate the value of 3D Tours and objects to management and funding organization without committing to more extensive long run systems.  The resulting 3d images can be integrated into an existing museum database such as PastPerfect or stored on local servers with internet connections allowing public access and use by professionals. 

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