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Fine Art

We produce digital art prints on canvas.  These prints combine photographic images with computer graphics software,( Corel Painter and Photoshop).  The final image is painted in the computer environment brush stroke, by brush stroke and is not the result of automatic actions,


Archival Services


Virtually There Art and Photography draws upon our extensive background in Photography, Theater, Historical Research and Genealogy.  We feature 2 & 3D archival quality digital images of Artifacts, Art Objects, Documents and Historical Sites.  Digital Panoramas and Virtual Museums are created by scanning objects and Structures and creating a 3D environment which you can walk through and closely examine the structures and objects contained therein. 
Virtual tours and scaled drawings can be used by realtors and builders to sell or track the progress of a building project.  3D images and accurate to scale drawings can be created from a scan of an historic building as it exists without manual measurement


We accurately scan or photographically copy historical artifacts, documents or sites.  We use a variety of techniques and equipment including: High Speed Scanners, Flatbed Scanners, Overhead Scanners, Slide Scanners film and High Res Digital Cameras. The resulting images are edited to produce high quality color accurate copies of the originals. There is no limit to the size document or object which can be photographicaly duplicated. These final images can be organized into databases which can be reproduced, published or become the basis for Internet or stand-alone Kiosks.  We have been project managers for scanning projects involving thousands of engineering drawings and original historic documents.


We produce print quality panoramas of buildings or their interior spaces.  These images can be used as stand alone panoramas or linked together into a tour of the entire building

3D Images

3D Tours

Computer Graphics


We either photograph or scan artifacts, products and art objects transforming them into 3D objects which can be viewed from any angle or scale.  This allows fragile historic objects to be safely viewed with out damage to the original.  Items not normally on display can also be preserved and viewed on line or on a kiosk..


Our Matterport Camera system allows us to create a virtual 3D environment in which you can either tour or walk through the site examining both the rooms and it's contents  at your leisure.  High resolution images suitable for publication can be extracted from the panoramas. 


We have combined photography and computer graphics for our clients since 1984. Our graphics have been used for publishing, video presentations, TV Commercials, corperate annual meetings, corporate multimedia presentations and fine art.