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Freedom of speech is a right granted by the Constitution and The Bill of Rights to all Americans.  It grants all Americans the right to freely express themselves.  It does not restrict opinion.  However, it does not justify actions which infringe on the rights and property of others. 

The abuse of freedom of speech by individuals and organizations is becoming a critical issue.  The line between peaceful protest and riots has been blurred by politicians unwilling or unable to respond to the current crisis.  These politicians tend to ignore the rights of others when they agree with the protestors and let the mob take over the streets. When the object of a speech or protest is to deny others their rights, the motivations of their actions need to be questioned.  Hate speech is restricted by law.  The rights of any group to deny the established beliefs of others also needs to be monitored and restricted. 

Organizations which use fear of protest as a weapon to influence politicians into inaction, should be classified as hate groups.  Politicians who support radical identity politics and anti police activities question their right to continue in office.  The actions of those who want to destroy the American way of life our patriot ancestors fought for the past 244 years to create needs action by those who respect and support  American’s today.  If the goal of a group is to destroy our way of life it needs to be classified as a hate group and accordingly outlawed  as were the nazi party and communist parties in the past. 

Our Blog will appear here and will become a forum for patriotic opinion and the preservation of our monuments and heritage.